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Sorcery and Steam

I'm part of a fun story bundle. Pay what you want for some amazing stories from top-selling authors in the science fiction and fantasy genres. You'll also have an opportunity to donate to Able Gamers if you'd like. It's a nonprofit dedicated to providing computer gaming opportunities for the disabled.
Hurry on over to to find out more about this time-limited set. It's only available through the middle of March.

My book in the set is Blood and Magic, Coven Enforcers Book One. Here's an excerpt from it:

Chapter OneOverland Stage Route, East of Salt Lake City
The unmistakable stench of spoiled meat, mixed with fresh excrement, wafted into the stagecoach. Abigail Ruskin knew that smell. She covered her nose with her handkerchief, but it was just as saturated with dust and grime as everything else and she sneezed.

The coach swayed alarmingly, rocking on the leather straps that dampened its lateral motion.
She thrust the heavy leather wi…

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